30th Anniversary Show

1st July 2018

The day was hot and humid when we arrived to set up the tables on Saturday evening. Then at 8.30 in te morning exhibitors and traders were arriving to set up. We were there about 8.45am.

The framework went up easily, and after seting the display we were able to have a walk around to see the other society displays.

The society displays were judged by Peter Chan,  the winners were Taunton Bonsai Club,  and then the show was opened by Chris Thomas.

Visitors were coming thick and fast. The first demonstration by Malcolm Driffield was a large Hornbeam that he had owned for many years and was developing. He pruned and wired to open the structure.

Then in the afternoon he did a second demonstration on a large Larch. Then Chris Thomas help an inpromptu auction which was quite interesting with some nic material on offer.

Then Ken Hayward society president said a few words followed by both Ria Molland and Grahame Alexander.

This was followed by the raffle and finally it was all over and the show could be broken down.

It was an excellent day and very successful.