Club History

The Society was founded in August 1987 by two local bonsai enthusiasts, Rita Molland and Valerie Casey and a programme was drawn up for the first year to cover all aspects of bonsai culture.


In November 1987 the Wessex Bonsai Society staged an introductory exhibition for us in Hale Hall, which was well attended, and created a good deal of interest. Our first three meetings were held in Hale Hall and included a demonstration of “Instant Bonsai” from nursery stock, and our first workshop evening when members brought trees for advice under expert supervision.


Since that time our venue has changed to the much more convenient Laverstock and Ford Village Hall, Laverstock, and our programme has consisted of talks and demonstrations by experts on several aspects of bonsai culture.

Society Aims – To bring the wonderful world of Bonsai to Salisbury and surrounding areas!


At the Society we wish to promote further interest in the ancient art of bonsai, which literally means to grow something in a shallow container – a tree in a tray or pot. It is important that the tree is living and growing and is completely natural in an artistic form.


Beginners are encouraged to study bonsai techniques from China and Japan, where this highly sophisticated art form originated at least 1200 years ago; and the progress to the creation of bonsai from British trees, of which there are many varied indigenous species, ideal for growing in containers.


The majority of members’ bonsai have been developed from seeds, cuttings, graftings and nursery stock. Therefore it is not necessary to purchase expensive pseudo bonsai by mail order or from garden centres/supermarkets. Just the use of basic horticultural methods, a few simple tools, some creative ability and patience are all that is required.


The Society has a small library of bonsai books and videos which are available on loan to members for a small monthly fee. There is also a sales table at each meeting offering bonsai wire, pots, starter trees etc.


If you would like to learn more about this rewarding and satisfying pastime, join our Society and meet other enthusiasts, who will be pleased to help you in a friendly, informal atmosphere.


Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month in Laverstock and Ford Village Hall – off Duck Lane at 7.45pm.