More Meetings and events

July 2016

Talk and demonstration by Clive Knight assisted by Malcolm Driffield and Tony Oswin

Clive staqrted by talking about a nice Juniper that needed styling. Then he looked at several trees brought in by a new member. Malcolm then looked at the Juniper and Tony styled a small Picea.



Around 120 attended the auction at the Salisbury Auction Centre on Sunday 3rd July.

There were around 120 trees and a number of pots to be auctioned.


Auction was conducted by Malcolm Driffield.

Bidding was brisk from the start with almost all lots exceeding their estimates.

Refreshments were available all day and well received.


Bidding became manic later in the day with everyone wanting one of Tony's trees.


Every lot sold as well as those items on the table for sale.

It was a fitting memorial to a well liked and superb bonsai grower.


The August meeting was a table top sale and auction. There were a lot of trees for sale, and a few pots also.

The buying was brisk and then followed the auction.

Malcolm was the auctioneer and as always did an excellent job of prising bids from the bidders. All the trees sold, with some reaching huge bids


We all arrived at Damerham show in good time.

Although there was some confusion with the where abouts of the Gazebo roof. This was soon sorted out by Grahame and we erected the the Gazebo with not too much in the way of problems

The tables ,covers were erected followed by the display trees and the we organised the sales table .All aided withe cups of tea and bacon sandwiches

Clive aided at times by Grahame pruned several trees brought to the show by Val,Grahame and himself.

Soon we were answering questions from interested  members of the public. Lots of interest but no new members.

The Pony race charged passed our area twice we did not manage to bet on the winner!!.

Unfortunately there was no ice cream van there , it was a hot day.We all seemed to enjoy the chat etc.

It was a good day .Those who did not go missed out on a very interesting and rewarding day


Thanks to Val Casey for this short report.

Pines and Conifers by Malcolm Driffield

We were treated to a superb talk by Malcolm, first Larches. He tidied up the Raffle Tree which will be won next month.

Then he proceeded to talk about Scots and White Pines and the seasonal work needed to keep them in check. Re potting of older trees only 4 to 5 years he told us and younger ones more often.

Fertiliser is still needed at this time of year. Low nitrogen. He also does not spray over the Scots Pines as he says that it is not good for them.

He has some very big trees including one White Pine which he has allowed to get a bit out of control. He showed how to start getting it back, but he said that it will take some time and he did not want to be there all night.

It was another excellent and informative talk by Malcolm.


Heathrow Show 2016

The society had a display at the show for the first time. Thanks to Tony Oswin for setting up.

Pictures thanks to Rachael Ian Duff's wife.