2nd January was the first meeting of the year.

Very cold night saw a lower than usual number of members.

Those there were treated to two videos.

The first was the story of Shinji Suzuki's preparation of a tree for Sakofu ten show.


It also featured his trip to see a 7000 year old tree on Hokushima island.


The second was a demo at Noelanders 2016


February Meeting there were about 16 members some working on re potting their trees.


This year there were three members of Blackmore Vale Bonsai Group along with members of Warminster Bonsai Club and Salisbury.

With our chairman Grahame incapacitated with a broken leg Shirley stepped into the breach.

We made good time to Dover and were on the 2.20 ferry.

Arriving at Lodders there was an immediate frenzy to find the best trees.

I found two Satsukis and a Quince and some pots.

After checking into the hotel, we had a Chinese meal, very nice. The next day after further searching I decided to swap one Azalea for a Japanese White Beech.

Then we packed all the trees and pots and other bits ready to load the next morning.

Having packed the van and car we left in brilliant sunshine and arrived at Calais just too late for the 16.02, and the next was 17.15 but it was running late.

Another smooth crossing and we arrived back at around 22.45.

It was my first trip and we are planning the next one already.


There was a large contingency from Blackmore Vale Bonsai Group which swelled the numbers at the April meeting.

Broadleaved Trees as Bonsai was the talk by Chris Thomas .

Chris started talking about multi flushed species and how and when they are pruned, and then moved on to single flushed species

The talk as always was a varied and interesting talk covering the various things that need to be done to the various broadleaved species especially in spring and early summer.

All to soon it was over and we have to wait for the next time we have Chris visit.


The May meeting was a treat with Malcolm Driffield doing his usual excellent demonstration of raft making.

He showed a large Acer palmatum which had been grown for a number of years, which he said that he had great difficulty keeping the leaf size under control. He also had a nice Hawthorn which had been collected and turned into a raft over several years.

Starting with a Needle Juniper which he wired and then re planted into a large pot.

After the break he did a Korean Hornbeam in a smaller size.

Both of these projects need growing on for a couple of years but will make good bonsai in time.

The June meeting was a first visit by Ray Broughton. Ray is a lecturer in horticulture and gave a talk with many alternative methods of controling pests and diseases of

Heinz tomatoe ketchup is not something you would normally think of as having a use in the garden but as a tool cleaner it is excellent.


Another of the items we all have is malt vinigar which can be used to control slugs around plants. Dabbed on Mealy Bug or Wooly Aphid it will stop both.


Full fat milk, or SB Invigorator sprayed will kill aphids.


The tips went on and there were some that I will be trying. It was a really interesting and different talk from the usual ones we have, and well worth listening to.

In August we had a workshop. There were about 15 members some working on various species, Scots Pine wired, Korean Hornbeams pruned etc.

September meeting was a demonstration by Clive Knight. He had sourced some Junipers from a nursery and proceeded to prune and style one which he attached to a lump of wood as a Tanuki.

Then he said that he had some for sale and we paid the money and had a ticket to get a tree.

Tony Oswin then helped any member who wanted to start the styling of their Juniper.

The workshop in October was well attended and we also set up the display for Heathrow.