Meetings News

The first meeting of 2016 was a workshop. We were a bit thin on the ground but those there had a good time and we also had a potential new member.

Pictures by Paul Baron

The February meeting was a re potting workshop. With 17 members there were a lot of trees to be re potted. Fortunatley the weather is mild so it was safe for the work tto be done. Pictures by Paul Baron.

First picture is Mike winner of the annual tree draw.

The March meeting will undoubtedly be the highlight of the year with a first visit by Chris Thomas.

We were treated to a masterclass of styling. Starting with just one tree, Chris then using a slab planted two trees on it.

Next he used a piece of bogwood and made a super windswept tree. After the break he went on to make a superb group of seven trees on a Welsh slate.

By the time he finished we had the finished group that was stunning.

This group was bought for the club to be raffled at the end of the year.

Chris also brought a number of trees for sale, and lots went.

Pictures Paul Barron

This group is the tree raffle for 2016

April's meeting was a workshop, with about 20 mmbers including 3 new ones. It was a busy and successful evening.

May meeting was a revisiting of the workshop with Trevor and his clinker.  Members had pieces of clinker to carve and plant with small trees.

June meeting was a workshop. Well attended, a lot of trees were pruned or otherwise preened. No pictures this month.


There were 15 members and guests at the annual dinner this year. Two managed to arrive late due to a miscomunication, egg on face. It was a good meal and enjoyed by all. At least it was dry and not too cold and the fog did not materialise.