News and Events 2019

The Best of 20 years Trophy Genk Belgium February 10th to 12th 2019

Twelve intrepid travellers set out starting at Staverton and collecting in Salisbury and Romsey proceeded to Dover to catch the frry to Calais. Arriving at the hotel 8 hours early we were treated to breakfast by the owner and allowed into the rooms early.  

We made the way to the limberghal for 1pm., and having obtained our armbands went into the hall. Traders first, and although they were not supposed to be selling money was changing hands rapidly.

Next day we made the way back by 9.30 to a busy hall. Buying was a frenzy, and then it was time for the demos.

After the close we went back and ate out at the same venue as the night before.

Sunday having sorted the minibus, we went to the show. Demos in the morning were the Korean Dream Team doing a group, and an extra with Ryan Neil re potting the tree he had styled the day before. Once th show was almost over we decided to get on the way to Calais. We arrived at the port and were asked why we were so early, some clever person had booked f=the ferry 24 hours later!

Problem solved, we were on our way on a near empty ferry at 8.30pm.

We were back at Staverton by 3 am after dropping off at various points.

It was an excellent trip and we are going again nect year


April was a return visit by John Trott of Mendip Bonsai Studio. This time he pruned and styled several trees including a Cedar and a Yew. After each one was styled John auctioned them so four members now have some nice pre bonsai trees.


The June meeting was a talk by Rob Stuart on the subject of Shohin and Mame bonsai.

It was a fascinating insight into small trees up to 20cm. Rob grows all his own trees. He has a large collectiom of small trees and larger ones as well. Along with this he has a collection of pots and display tables.

The August nmeeting was a different experience. Tony Oswin has members making pots great fun, and there will be a return of the finished pots in October.

The September meeting was an excellent evening with Chris Thomas, who first critiqued some members' trees. This was followed by a Celtic landscape creation.