DATE        SPEAKER                  SUBJECT                        TREE OF THE MONTH


                            6th January                               Re potting workshop


                        3rd February                           Re potting workshop


                         2nd March                                Re potting Workshop


                         5th April Expo Bonsai Show Harlington



                        6th April           Collette Harrison           Flowering trees


                        4th May           workshop                         wiring and styling


                         1st June           Chris Thomas                 TBA


                         28th June        Blackmore Vale Bonsai Group Show


                          6th July             Defoliation of trees      demo and workshop


11-12th July Market Lavington craft and gardening show


25th July Damerham show


26th July Staverton Bonsai sale


                            3rd August             Collette Harrison       general workshop


                                 7th September                                               Workshop


                           20th September     Blackmore Vale Bonsai Group auction


                           5th October             Bill Baker         pines bring your trees.


10-11th October European san Bnsai Show Saulieu France


18th October Heathrow Bonsai Show


                           2nd November       Workshop         prepare trees for winter


                          7th December        AGM and social     decorated tree for Christmas